First round KO at Rookies Rumble II

In the main event of Rookies Rumble II on Saturday 12 October, a jaw-dropping performance saw local favourite Regis ‘The First’ Sugden win by a KO 53 seconds into the first round.

On the back of his big win by KO in Sheffield a month earlier, in the final of the Showdown Four Man Tournament, Regis was taking no prisoners and was inch perfect from start to finish.

He made his opponent, Nathan Setchell from Spennymoor Muay Thai, miss and then unleashed a jab cross hook right leg round kick to the body, sending Nathan reeling. Another right leg to body followed before Regis’s trademark spinning back kick put his opponent down.Throwing a feint, he dropped to Nathan’s body with a left hook followed by a ferocious punch combination to the body and a knee plus kick for good measure.

This time his opponent could not beat the count and, as the capacity crowd went wild, Regis jumped into the air to celebrate a destructive and jaw-dropping performance which had ended in a victory by KO in just 53 seconds of the first round.

With his record as a pro intact, Regis fights next on 16 November at the launch of a new fighting system, KTMMA, at London’s Porchester Hotel.

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